The Mysterious Crystal

Crystals have often accompanied me on life’s travels. Occasionally, I give a gem to lovely folks I meet. Sometimes, like Cali in Light Weaver, I return them to the Earth.

A while ago, I rediscovered a curious crystal, which had been stored away in a box for many years. As soon as I found it, I realised this was no ordinary stone!


I have no recollection of where this strange little pyramidal-shaped Apophyllite came from. It’s possible I bought it from a shop in Glastonbury back in the 80s. If I’d have known then just how magical it is, I’d have paid greater attention. You see, of all the crystals I’ve ever connected with, this one is the most mysterious. It’s full of stories and secrets.

Allow me to elaborate, in words and photos, why this crystal is so captivating…

* The top part of the crystal is like a pyramid with four sides… while the bottom part has eight slightly irregular sides.

* The rectangular apex is flat and is finely etched with a mysterious rectangular door or window.


* Around the base, there are several triangles that have vertical grooves.

* There is a curious raised piece, which stands out on one side, which looks like a door.


* When you turn the crystal upside down and look through the centre of the base, there is a clear tunnel through to the apex. It’s like a looking glass.

* The crystal has an incredible light quality. It’s clear at the top and more frosted around the base.


* Inside the crystal, there are layers (like floors with shelves) and tiny fragments. When held in a certain light, various cube-like shapes appear.

* Tiny flashes of rainbow colours appear inside the Apophyllite when held to the light. After working with the stone, the rainbow effect is more pronounced.


* If you position the crystal over a small image (of a dot or a symbol, for example), and look through the top, you’ll see the image duplicated five times.

‘Tis indeed a cosmic crystal! It feels strangely familiar.

I sense that someone once worked with this crystal, and had attempted to fashion it. Perhaps it had a specific function or was part of a larger group of crystals. Even in the short time I’ve been consciously travelling with this wisdom crystal, it has already provided me with some interesting insights. I’ll share these anon.

For now, let me tell you about the most intriguing developments…

This crystal is very active and appears to be evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, it’s having a curious effect on me, too.


I began meditating with the crystal almost instantly upon reconnecting with it (early in January 2014). Sometimes, I see bright flashes of light and geometric shapes. One night, just before a full moon, I quickly fell into a deep sleep with the crystal in my right hand. In the twilight hours, I woke up. The crystal, which was still in my hand, was intensely hot and I felt strong vibrations in my arm and through my body. It felt very much like an episode of astral projection although I have no memory of travelling.

Apophyllite and Opal

In the days that followed, I continued journeying with the crystal and felt a growing sense of connection and clarity. I began to focus on the raised ‘door’ on the lower face of the crystal. At night, I would place my finger on this door, asking the crystal if it was ready to reveal its stories. Over the next few days, I noticed the crystal become infused with more rainbow colours than previously seen. These flashes seemed to appear at every angle.

Apophyllite and Opal

On Friday 17th January 2014, I visited my local organic farmshop for veggies and cosmic chat with friends. I had the crystal with me and a friend immediately noticed the increase of rainbow flashes. We talked for a while and I put the crystal safely in my coat pocket. When I next reached inside my pocket, I realised that something had changed… the ‘door’ on the crystal had opened or, more aptly, had completely detached.


There had been no sign of a fracture or fault-line in the crystal previously… no sign that the ‘door’ could actually open. The crystal hadn’t been dropped. The door detached spontaneously, leaving a cavern-like entrance with a fine clear channel into the upper levels of the crystal. Interestingly, the detached piece looks like a miniature of its parent.


With the passing of time, the crystal continues to resonate. I often place the Apophyllite on my palm, sit quietly, and wonder… but it’s still holding on to its secrets.

If you have any insights about the crystal, please share. Perhaps you have one just like it or know something of its story?