Enchanted Earth

Journey into the Heart of Nature and make space for magical moments with Enchanted Earth…

After much adventure, writing and re-writing, it’s a joy to share my online course, Enchanted Earth.

Inspired by my experiences and revelations of being in nature, Enchanted Earth is a self-study course – a journey – which calls you to step into the natural realms to make space for mindful presence, inner peace, greater clarity, gentle self-care, creative practice, and a deeper connection with the wild.

It’s the first of many courses and publications I aim to share with you through Yanraya. It’s written from my heart to yours, and is a call to be and breathe, and to give yourself time to play, create and enliven your senses.

My wish for you is that once you start journeying into the heart of nature with greater presence and awareness, you’ll start experiencing many magical moments filled with insights to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

I have a special launch offer right now, and you can purchase the course for just £25 (normally £40). My wish is that as many people as possible can benefit from this journey.

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