Rise & Shine

Rise and Shine

Would you like to read a magazine that is full of upbeat, inspiring and informative features on holistic well-being, creativity, community, evolving consciousness, growing organically, and new earth initiatives?

Do you think it’s time for a new kind of good-hearted independent magazine that is created and published with love, fairness and truth – one that recognises that we are sovereign beings, and that we are here to truly RISE and SHINE while sharing our gifts?

Rise & Shine is a brand new magazine launching soon!

Each issue will be available every 6 weeks as a digital download for a suggested donation of £5

The magazine will be packed full of useful insights, interviews, ideas and information for navigating the earth journey while creating a world where people are free to live in a creative, peaceful and harmonious way that’s in alignment with nature and one’s highest integrity. Each issue will also include readers’ pages, a useful directory, and a motivational ‘mini-mission’ to promote well-being practices, creativity and discovery.

Typical articles will focus on…

* Holistic well-being and self-care tips

* Initiatives such as growing organic food, skill & tool sharing, learning crafts, being more self-sufficient, community bartering & trading, being creative, living simply in alignment with the natural world…

* Interviews with people who are spending their energy on creating kinder, holistic ways of being rather than fighting the old, corrupt systems that have been in place for generations.

* Being informed and heart-based to live a more kinder, sovereign life where there is always freedom of choice to live in a way that’s in harmony with nature and one’s highest calling.

* Using what we have to support like-hearted people, community and small, independent ventures.

* Taking responsibility for our own lives and making small changes that will benefit our health and well-being while creating a better future for ourselves and our families.

* Connecting people on the same wavelength through the magazine’s community pages.

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If you have an idea for an article or would like to be featured in a forthcoming issue of Rise & Shine magazine, please contact Carol, the editor, at hi@yanraya.com