New Beginnings

Dear kindred spirit,

It’s with great joy I write this letter to announce the birth of This venture has been many moons in the making, and is a calling from my highest self to be a lamplight for others to navigate through the Earth journey in these changing times.

My focus is on sharing insights, ideas and inspiration to assist others in achieving personal sovereignty and optimum well-being on every level. By living creatively, with a deep sense of harmonious inner calm and a joyful, positive outlook, I feel we can truly bloom and become the best possible version of ourselves. With the extra vitality we generate from investing in our self-care, natural health, conscious lifestyle and creativity, we are able to bring more of ourselves into the world.

Life is an amazing journey but sometimes we can feel trapped in a programme (sometimes of our own design), belief systems and habits that do not nurture us. We can hold ourselves back through limiting thoughts. We can fall into ways that do not support us despite wanting a joyful, fulfilling and creative life.

One of Yanraya’s missions is to support people who want to change their life for the better by offering tools, ideas and resources that can provide a blueprint for new ways of being and doing while travelling the Earth journey.

So, here we are. If you wish to enhance your well-being on every level while living creatively on your terms, then I invite you to join Yanraya’s Wellbeing Circle. It’s created and delivered with love.

I’ll leave you with these words from Ralph Waldo Emerson…

‘We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.’

Yes, indeed. Life really is truly magical with gates and opportunities at every turn. So, dear kindred spirit – I look forward to having the pleasure of your amazing company on this continuing voyage.

With love and bright wishes,

Carol Anne Strange



PS Do you like the Dream Weaver Tree picture above? It’s been lovingly created by Mark Fenwick. Contemplate on it for a while and experience a magical moment. Special prints will be available in the tune of soon!