Navigate the Earth Journey with Greater Ease and Live Your Best Life

Yanraya Mini Missions

Ready to live a more intentional, magical life?

Do you want to be more creative, embrace greater self-care, and enjoy living in alignment with your soul’s highest calling?

Here, through Yanraya, you’re invited to participate in our exciting ‘mini-missions’ – a focused practice that we explore together over several weeks.

We’ll be making space in our lives for nurturing, nourishing well-being practices and ways that bring us greater vitality, joy and fulfilment. We’ll be exploring our creativity and discovering our gifts. And we’ll also be diving into our supernature with psychic experiments and practices that bring more of our amazing light into the world.

Each mini-mission is an opportunity to navigate the Earth journey with greater ease and create a more intentional, magical life.


Interested? Find out more…

So what is a mini-mission?

A mini-mission is a wholesome practice, an interesting experiment or an inspiring challenge that we practise together. Covering a variety of wholesome and magical themes such as holistic well-being, creativity, intentional living, psychic development and evolving consciousness, each mini-mission is motivating, intriguing, fun and often life-changing while providing a way to experience more intentional, magical living.

How does it work?

No matter where you are in the world, a mini-mission is accessible from your computer / mobile internet and provides you with a digital ‘kit’ full of information, ideas and inspiration, which you can print out (if needed) to support your practice. You will also have access to a private Facebook or Telegram group where we share insights, experiences, encouragement and connection. Most mini-missions take place over 4 to 6 weeks. You can practise at your own pace, whenever convenient, and the aim is to give you space, ideas and motivation to explore, experiment and experience enriching practices.

Why mini-missions?

Many of us have ideas about what we want to do. We might go as far as making plans and dipping into a practice that we think will be beneficial, nurturing, interesting or simply fun to explore.  Yet we can often get distracted or find excuses for not making regular time and space for creativity, self-care, well-being, learning something new or experiencing something magical. What’s more, on our own, it can be a challenge to start a project let alone continue or finish it.  Participating in a mini-mission with Yanraya is a way to get started and stay on course. It enables us to focus on setting intention into action. With the sharing of ideas and insights and having access to the encouragement and support of a group that are embarking on the same mission, there is greater motivation to go the distance and enjoy the journey together.

Here’s how you might benefit…

# Discover your gifts, learn something new, rekindle something sacred, access your inner wisdom and explore intentional practices that are wholesome, fascinating, fun and inspiring.
# Experience more of what your soul craves for… harmony, relaxation, creativity, vitality, holistic well-being, purpose, magic…
# Shift long-standing behaviour patterns and embrace habits that are nurturing and supportive.
# Explore your superpowers and navigate life with greater ease, magic and joyfulness.

This is for you if…

~ you wish to embrace practices that support you in living a more intentional, creative, magical life.

~ you welcome ideas, motivational challenges, and encouragement so that you gain greater fulfilment.

~ you want to make time and space for yourself to be creative and experience nourishing self-care to bring forth optimal well-being in all areas of your life.

~ you recognise the value of having access to community to share insights, support and like-hearted connection.

Meet your co-pilot…

Carol Anne StrangeI’m Carol Anne Strange (Yanraya) and I’m dedicated to holding space for you to live a happier, healthier and more creative life.

With over 35 years experience as an accomplished writer and author as well as having a background in holistic well-being and creativity (read more), I have a wealth of ideas, insights and inspiration to share.

Through Yanraya, I love to conjure up mini-missions (sometimes with other beautiful souls with vast experience in their field) to support you on the Earth journey and assist you in discovering your own infinite wisdom to enjoy a more intentional and magical life. Sharing in such a way is a joy and makes my soul sing.

Would you like to participate?

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