Knitting the Universe

Coming from an Earth family of creatives and crafters, I’ve always enjoyed making things albeit in an experimental and rustic way. Although I was shown the rudiments of knitting when I was a child, I didn’t have the patience to take it any further back then. Roll on the years to 2012, and I started to knit on an occasional basis as a break from writing after being gifted some wool and knitting needles.

Since then, I’ve made countless scarves, shawls, ponchos, a few hats, a hundred+ pairs of fingerless gloves, lavender pouches, bags and, most recently, a cardigan – all experimental, using straight-forward knitting stitch, and made without a pattern.

Knitting is a curious ambiguity; it’s wonderfully relaxing, but in a busy, click-click kind of way. And as I often knit on auto-pilot, using a simple, repetitive stitch, it’s fantastic for day-dreaming up the most incredible ideas.


I imagine and reflect while I knit. I’ve gathered ideas for stories, solved novel plot issues and visualized a beautiful new Earth where we live in harmony with nature. Stitch by stitch, I set my intentions, visualizing a world knitted together with love. I enter a place of deep peace and clarity. And, while my thoughts create reality, my hands have produced a scarf, a bag or a wall of wool. How fulfilling to ‘be, do, dream and manifest’ all at the same time.

Knitting the Universe

I’ve come to realize that there’s something cosmic about knitting. I have a direct line to the universe and open communication with my higher self, and it provides me with an alternative creative outlet to writing.


Thousands upon thousands of stitches later, I’m still knitting on an occasional basis. I have spells where wool-weaving is essential and occupies my spare time for weeks. This is usually when I have to work through something or I need to be an open channel for ideas and solutions. Then I’ll stop for a while – for weeks or even months – without even being tempted to pick up and knit any colourful yarn. And that’s perfectly fine.

Knitting might seem like a homely, old-fashioned kind of crafting hobby but, in practice, I’ve discovered that it’s relaxing and offers so much more than an end result. Why not give it a try? If I can do it, anyone can.

Questions for You…

~ Are you open to creating and crafting (knitting, perhaps) as a well-being practice?
~ Where can you make space in your day to take up an interest that enables you to think, dream and self-nurture?

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