Yanraya Wellbeing

Do You Remember Who You Are?

We are living in a time of great change. Some of these changes may feel uncomfortable; some may feel scary, but most of us are here together, right now, to remember who we are…

Do you remember?

We kin are sentient souls, travelling in our biological vehicles, experiencing life on earth’s beautiful physical realm. Made of the elements of earth and stars, we are sparks of divinity… amazing beings capable of so much good… so much love… so much kindness. We are star-kin, able to make the extraordinary happen by focusing our thoughts and energy, flowing from intention to action.

Do you remember?

We are here to share our gifts, respect our connections, and awaken to our potential. We’re here to experience the life that truly resonates with us. When we are aligned with our true nature, we become beacons of light. When we live from the heart, we live authentically.

Yes, do you remember?

We are visiting earth for a short time. We must nurture this precious planet and treat it how we wish to be treated: with care, love and respect. We are, after all, just travelling through.

We are magical kin who’ve chosen to be here to dance with light and shadow. We carry a torch for each other as we travel our way home, singing life’s song. And as we remember, we realise this: we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

When we are aligned with our true nature, we become beacons of light.


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