Embrace being

Are you Making Time To Be?

We’re so often caught up with the movement of life that we forget to take moments to ‘be’. Many are hard-wired to be doing – constantly on the go from morning until night. But when we step off life’s treadmill – even for just a few moments each day – we enter a timeless space where we can truly connect with our higher essence and the energy of ‘all that is’.

It is here where we begin to heal what needs to be healed. It’s here where the seeds of life’s goodness take root. It’s here where we listen to our soul song and make sense of life when it all seems too chaotic or crazy.

No matter what is going on in life, we can always find sanctuary when we are just being. So, today, take time out. Simply be. Shake off life’s worries and struggles and chains. Sink into the stillness. Just be. This place of stillness is full of treasure. It is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Deep down, dear one, we know this.

Let go of ‘human-doing’ for a while and make space in your day to embrace ‘human-being’.

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