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‘My stories are an intriguing fusion of the ordinary and otherworldly and my characters often find themselves in extraordinary or mysterious situations. With a keenness for weaving tales full of wonder and insights, and sharing practices that are deeply nurturing and wholesome, I aim to take my readers on an evocative and magical journey.’

Carol Anne StrangeAloha! I’m Carol Anne Strange, also known as Yanraya, and I’m here on the Earth’s transformational timeline to offer insights and practices, all created with love, to bring a little joy and magic into your life.

I’m a writer of stories, including the highly acclaimed novel Light Weaver, and I’m a seeker of truth and a keen observer of life at the edges of here, there, and everywhere.

Fascinated by this beautiful planet and the sentient beings that live here as well as the realms beyond, I love to embrace life’s magical experience. Travelling in my cosmic ship of the imagination, I observe, explore, write, take photographs, create, dance, dream and realize, and then I share my thoughts and findings through words and imagery.

If I’m not in my writer’s nest, you’ll find me joyfully present in nature, on this Enchanted Earth, where my mind, body and spirit feels rejuvenated and free. Sometimes, I slip into another dimension and often return with the seeds of a curious tale or something extraordinary to share.


Through this portal of Yanraya.com, you will find some of my offerings, journal insights and details of new writing and publications.

You will sometimes find me on Twitter @CarolAStrange and I also share insights via my occasional e-letter, ‘The Lantern‘.

I’m more interested in the Now but, if you like stories, here’s a brief overview of my Earth journey so far…

Once upon a time…

I was born in the 1960s as Carol Anne Strange (a cherished and most fantastic name) and grew up with a loving family in a blacksmith’s cottage by the river. Although I held only glimpses of my cosmic heritage in those early years, I’ve been walking my own path for many moons, exploring and experiencing how to be happy, healthy and creative in this extraordinary world.

Carol Anne

As an accomplished writer and author of Light Weaver, writing to inspire has been a big part of my life for over 35 Earth years. Along the way, through the late 80s and 90s, I trained extensively in holistic well-being. I qualified as a reflexologist and also gained experience in a variety of healing modalities, undertaking many courses and one-to-one training. During this time, I co-managed a Chinese martial arts gym! Rather than learning to fight, Kung Fu showed me how to grow energetically in all areas of life. From 2000 onwards, my attention returned to research and writing. I felt I would be able to inspire a wider audience through the creation and sharing of good words. In 2011, I graduated with a Writing MA from Falmouth University, using the time, support and experience to focus on writing my debut novel. Around the same period, I began to experiment with various creative practices – from knitting and sketching to photography and making crystal sculptures to writing experimental stories.

‘There’s a very fine line between fact and fiction. As I see it, there is truth and possibilities.’

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been navigating my way through the noise of mainstream programming onto a path of personal sovereignty. I began to recognize the seeded clues woven into my story that have been with me throughout my life, and a bigger, cosmic picture emerged. All my experiences and interests, including creativity, story, natural wellness, deepening my connection with nature, arts and craft, music, dance, living creatively and the paranormal, have unravelled the mystery that I am. I’ve had the most magical and amazing experiences, encounters and healing along the way, for which I am deeply grateful.


Now, as a grandmother and grand-elder, I’m more than ever conscious of living a good and simple life on Earth. I take responsibility for my well-being through the moment-by-moment choices I make. And every moment is a revelation. More than ever, I love story weaving, creating, dancing, singing, being in nature, realm-hopping, exploring ancient and beautiful places, living creatively,  preparing wholesome food, making magical moments, and walking life’s journey with loved ones and like-hearted souls. I recognize that I’m light and shadow: sometimes a storm in a snow-globe but mostly a well of deep, calm, sparkling water.

From the subtle awakenings on the 2012 timeline, I became a more open channel to my higher self. I experienced magical encounters with owls and light. I had visions and downloads of information. I had a day-time UFO encounter as well as night-time ones. Life was becoming as strange as my name, but it felt wonderful and inspiring. During this time-frame, I heard my cosmic name, Yanraya, and another story began to emerge, blowing open a doorway into the most brilliant dimension.

Some say I have an expansive imagination. Some may think that Yanraya, my galactic self, is a fictional character conjured up in my writer’s mind. And some accept my story, my truth, and find something in the tales and journey I share. There’s a very fine line between fact and fiction. As I see it, there is truth and possibilities.

Today, it is a joy to share the everyday journey with my co-pilot Mr Fenwick, publisher and artist, and we continue to engage with the magic and wonder here on Earth from our current nest in rural West Lancashire in England.

Mark & Carol

Through Yanraya.com, I hold a lantern while sharing stories, insights and practices to inspire, nourish and bring a little joy and magic into your life. This truly makes my soul sing. ⋆♡⋆

Yanraya’s Tale…

‘Within the programme that has made up our known reality, I held glimpses of my cosmic heritage during my early years on Earth: little seeded clues that were woven into my story. Gradually, I began to see the bigger picture and connected with my truth…We are infinite consciousness having an experience on this amazing planet, and we are here to shine our light and share our gifts…’


Yanraya (aka Ms Strange) arrived on Earth by mistake after stepping into an inter-dimensional space-time anomaly while en-route to a cosmic festival in the Pleiades constellation. Though uncomfortable with her human disguise, she was born into a loving Earth family, growing up in a little riverside cottage in England in the aptly named parish of Seven Stars.

Frustrated by the rules, conventions and limiting programmes run by the planet’s dastardly controllers, she’s been a quiet(ish) renegade all her Earthly years, turning to mother nature, creativity, writing, music, dance, art and all things natural and magical to be of service and ease her restless soul.


After many experiences, learnings, interactions and discussions, she has grown to love being on Earth. She is particularly dazzled by the incredible sentience found on the planet and in the seen (and unseen) natural realms. More so, as a galactic soul, she recognizes the divine in every good-hearted being she meets and finds great joy in engaging with star family and loving interdimensional beings.

Yanraya portal

Right now, Yanraya is here to shine a bright light for the best possible outcome for the Earth and every living being on this transformational timeline. It’s a joy to be here, embracing the moment while walking each other home. ⋆♡⋆

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