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Yanraya supports lovely people who wish to live a happier, healthier and more creative life.

Founded in 2020 by Carol Anne Strange, discover soul-to-soul inspirational insights, practices and courses delivered with love to assist you in navigating life’s journey.

Some of the subjects we cover include:

* Embracing soul-nurturing habits and choices.
* Supporting our biological vehicles (earth body) with wholesome nutrition, intuitive movement, calm practice, holistic healing and rest.
* Fostering our connection with nature and the natural realms.
* Being creative and using art practice for expression and emotional wellness.
* Living creatively, simply and harmoniously to develop and maintain a supportive space around us.
* Being in bliss, making magical moments and doing more of what lights us up to live a sovereign life.

My Story…

Carol Anne Strange ~ Founder of Yanraya.com

Carol Anne Strange

I’ve been walking my own path for many moons, exploring and experiencing how to be happy, healthy and creative in this extraordinary world.

As an accomplished writer and author of Light Weaver, writing to inspire has been a big part of my life for over 35 years. Along the way, through the late 80s and 90s, I trained extensively in holistic well-being. I qualified as a reflexologist and also gained experience in a variety of healing modalities, undertaking many courses and one-to-one training. During this time, I co-managed a Chinese martial arts gym! Rather than learning to fight, Kung Fu showed me how to grow resourcefully and energetically in all areas of life. From 2000 onwards, my attention returned to research and writing. I felt I would be able to inspire a wider audience through the creation and sharing of good words. At the same time, I began to experiment with creative practice – from knitting and sketching to photography and making crystal sculptures. This brought an extra dimension to exercising my imagination and enhancing my sense of well-being.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been navigating my way through the noise of mainstream programming onto a path of personal sovereignty. I have focused on natural wellness, deepening my connection with nature, arts and craft, living creatively and unraveling the mystery that I am. I’ve had the most magical and amazing experiences, encounters and healing along the way, including re-connection with Yanraya, my true, eternal self.


Now, as a grandmother and grand-elder, I’m more than ever conscious of living a good and simple life on Earth. I take responsibility for my well-being through the moment-by-moment choices I make. And every moment is a revelation. I love dancing, singing, creating, being in nature, realm-hopping, exploring ancient and beautiful places, living creatively, preparing wholesome food and walking life’s journey with like-hearted souls. I recognize that I’m light and shadow: sometimes a storm in a snow-globe but mostly a well of deep calm sparkling water.

With Yanraya.com, I support my co-travellers to find and maintain wholesome well-being in all aspects of their life. I’m a lantern-holder: a guide or facilitator (not a guru, teacher or leader). As a well-being practitioner, I simply carry a torch, sharing insights, ideas and inspiration. I hold space for you to blossom and discover your awesome gifts to consciously live a more loving, creative and harmonious life. And it’s a great joy to see my sisters and brothers thrive. It makes my soul sing.


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