Dance with Yanraya

Yanraya dance

I love to dance in a spontaneous, free-form way, letting my body, mind, spirit move intuitively and expressively, feeling into the energy and going with the flow.

When I dance, I feel fully present and alive in the moment. I’m aware of the vital energy within and around me, and the dance becomes an expression of who I truly am… a spark of soul light embracing the experience of life in physical form.

From an early age, I enjoyed dancing but wasn’t too keen on learning structured, choreographed or stylized forms although I appreciated these and was in awe of anyone who mastered their dance. At the age of 10, despite my quiet nature, I won a little dance contest at a local children’s disco. I was just there, in my element, moving to the music in my own carefree way.

Yanraya Dance

In my late teens, I couldn’t wait for the weekly disco or parties. Shyness aside, I’d dance alone if a song called me to the floor. I once danced all night at a mod/soul night on Morecambe pier, and was still dancing at sunrise (without anything to keep me going other than the music) when everyone had crashed out around me. It was just me, the music and the dance.

Yanraya dance

My dance takes on a life of its own. Sometimes, it’s graceful. Other times, it’s not. Sometimes, there is a pattern – perhaps some repetition, but it is often¬† instinctive movement, body poetry, an outlet for e-motion, in the moment without any pre-conceived ideas of what it should be.

Yanraya dance

I’m not averse to structure and form. I practised Kung Fu and Tai Chi in the 80s/90s while co-managing my brother’s martial arts gym. This gave me a deeper appreciation of a set form, and the movement, posture, strength, focus, flow and energy involved in perfecting such moves. In much the same way, I have a deep appreciation for anyone who has mastered their craft. It is a joy to behold. But there is something I find alluring about making the dance up as I go along, movement by movement, in a way that is intuitive and free of expectation.

The Spirit of Dance

What I love about dancing free-form is that I can burst into movement whenever I feel like it, whether it’s for a few minutes or longer. I dance when I need to, and it instantly shakes off the rogue energy that builds up over the course of a day. Dance helps me maintain a sense of equilibrium in a rapidly evolving world. It has given me an energy boost when I’ve felt lethargic after long periods of writing. It has enabled me to throw off tension and dissolve stress. It’s let me express myself when my emotions have been too fragile or raw. It’s given me a much-needed circulatory boost when I’ve felt sluggish.

Yanraya dance

Mostly, my dance is graceful and flowing. Other times, and in the same session, it can change and take on a more dynamic form. Dance is an enigma, and the closest thing to being both grounded and flying free. I have danced to music, the sound of nature and silence, and always to the call of my soul.

Yanraya dance

I’ve come to recognise that my dance practice, no matter how brief or sporadic, has brought me in tune with my wild nature, my elemental self, my soul. It is one of the most beautiful ways to feel embodied and to embrace life in this temporary physical realm. Whenever I’ve felt at odds with myself or the world, I burst into movement and find my way back to what matters. It makes my soul sing.

Yanraya dance

Would you like to dance?

Experience a session of free-flowing dance with me and feel the benefits of moving to your own tune and rhythm. I will hold sacred space for you to dance freely – intuitively – and consciously without fear, judgement or embarrassment. With regular practice, you’ll begin to release stress, tension and emotion as your dance brings you into a state of pure enjoyment, radiant vitality, peace and harmony.

Dance and consciously raise your vibration, enliven your spirit and enhance your well-being.

When and Where…?

Are you in Central or West Lancashire, UK?¬† If there is a call, I will hold space for you to dance. We will dance together, and I’ll facilitate the experience on a regular basis. To register your interest, email:

Yanraya dance